South Jersey Technology Partnership (SJTP) is a Shared Services organization of Sterling High School in Somerdale, NJ. SJTP’s goal is to identify progressive districts and local municipalities that want to work together toward a true mutually beneficial partnership. The primary mission of SJTP is  to provide services that are equal to or better than other services offered in the private sector at affordable rates.

Providing skilled and efficient technology support is a difficult challenge. Depending on your needs, SJTP will prescribe a combination of one or more of our service offerings.  SJTP is committed to providing the best possible solution for all aspects of voice, video and data needs. SJTP is committed to the development of customized plans that will meet the needs of your organization, to include any combination of services provided by SJTP.



  • Experience: We bring over 40 years of experience to the table.
  • Satisfied Partners: SJTP has an extensive list of satisfied K-12 district and municipal partners and is helping more districts each month. Ask for a copy of our references.
  • Background Checked Staff: All SJTP staff have been background checked and references interviewed.
  • Flexibility: Utilizing SJTP staff allows more flexibility in hiring staff with appropriate expertise and interpersonal skills.
  • Eliminates Training and Recruitment Costs: Advertising costs, placement services, and screening candidates can be costly and time-consuming. You won’t pay any initial recruitment costs when using an SJTP professional. SJTP professionals are already trained, eliminating training expenses from your budget.
  • Simplicity: No need to worry about state contract or bidding with a shared service agreement between your district and Sterling High School.
  • SJTP Support: SJTP provides a vast support intranet that allows our team to share technical information. Our professionals can call other teammates when they need assistance solving a technical problem.


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