About Us

About Us


     SJTP is located at 801 West Preston Avenue in Somerdale, New Jersey.  All of our offerings are supported by our specially designed and built network operations center (NOC) called the “Technology Resource Center.” Our Technology Resource Center employs state-of-the-art hardware, software and configuration techniques to be able to support your district remotely, host your applications, or just demonstrate technical expertise.


Our infrastructure has redundancy at many levels including:


  • Redundant WAN Link(s) to Multiple Internet Service Provider(s)
  • Redundant Industry-Leading Network Firewall Technology
  • Redundant Core Switching Fabric and Redundant Edge Switching Connectivity
  • Redundant UPS Power Protection for All Network Device(s)
  • Redundant Teamed Network Interface Cards on All Network Server(s)
  • Redundant Hot-Swappable Power Supply(s)
  • Redundant RAID-5 Storage Configuration(s) in All Server(s)
  • Redundant Anti-Virus Engine(s) from Leading Manufacturer(s)
  • Redundant Messaging Filtering Solution(s) Providing Anti-spam/Antivirus Protection at the Messaging Gateway



     For years many of us have struggled with the issue of technology management and support. At Sterling, we see this as an opportunity for schools to work together which brought about the creation of the South Jersey Technology Partnership (SJTP).  Many school districts, municipalities, libraries and authorities simply do not have the financial resources or staff to provide and maintain their computer networks.  SJTP offers a wide range of technology services that fit most needs.

     SJTP was founded in an effort to assist districts throughout New Jersey with the planning, deployment and support of their technology initiatives. Our goal is to identify districts that want to work together toward a truly mutually beneficial relationship. We believe that our prescriptive offerings are both unique and innovative.