Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange

Microsoft Exchange Server
Most organizations are highly protective of their e-mail system, as they should be. There is a continuing dominance of e-mail becoming the primary mode of communication. This makes any communication system mission-critical for most organizations. So when your e-mail fails or is not available, your business suffers.

SJTP recognizes the mission-critical nature of e-mail, and we dedicated ourselves to building a enterprise-class solution with a solid infrastructure for hosting and managing of Microsoft Exchange messaging system.

SJTP strongly believes that for many organizations the hosted and managed models provide distinct advantages. E-mail systems are an ever-changing battle when it comes to protection against viruses, SPAM, denial service attacks, worms, etc. Along with the everyday needs of your district this can be a never-ending battle. By having SJTP host your e-mail you can keep your focus where it belongs: on the technologies that affect your users and everyday needs.

SJTP will offer Local Based E-mail using Outlook, Web Based E-mail (Outlook Web Access), Shared Calendaring, Global Address Books, Public Folders, Customizable Storage per mailbox. In addition to all of these features SJTP will be responsible for filtering all e-mail for all viruses, threats, vulnerabilities and SPAM through multiple engines.


Hosted Exchange Anti-Spam and Virus Protection:

Our premium anti-spam / anti-virus / content filtering appliances are configured to ensure and enhance end-user productivity by preventing a wide-variety of not just distracting, but also malicious content from entering into end-user mailboxes.  Providing both inbound and outbound filtering capabilities, our appliances are configured with multiple layers of defense from viruses, malware, zero-day outbreaks, and other malicious content that scan message content at the edge before it ever enters our messaging system.  Our filtering solution is configured to provide maximum uptime through the use of multiple appliances configured as a secure, active/active cluster ensuring that there is no single point of failure and that your messaging data continues to flow.

Additional benefits and features include:

  • Included at no additional cost for each mailbox within your Organization
  • Customizable allow and deny lists based upon multiple criteria including source IP address, domain name, email address, etc.
  • Intuitive web interface providing End-User access to email quarantine for questionable content with customizable filtering options
  • Attachment and content filtering engines preventing the spread of message-borne viruses and zero-day infections via various file attachment types, compressed archives, etc.


Hosted Exchange Message Archiving Solution:

Our email archiving and compliance solution is designed to integrate seamlessly into our Hosted Microsoft Exchange offering.  The solution archives a copy of all sent and received messages for every mailbox within your domain which ensures that your Organization is fully compliant with various email compliance laws such as OPRA, HIPAA, SOX, etc.  In addition to providing longer email retention periods, our archiving solution functions as a secondary backup method allowing the recovery of single or multiple email messages through an intuitive web interface directly into a user’s mailbox.  Archived message data may also be exported and provided via multiple formats for litigation purposes, etc.

Additional benefits and features include:

  • Legally-Compliant email archiving solution
  • Extended multi-year archiving capability
  • Intuitive web interface allows rapid searching across multiple end-users mailboxes simultaneously based on a multitude of search criteria
  • End-User accessible archive discovery and retrieval


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